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Everstrong LLC.
Producer of Buckwheat.

Everstrong LLC. is one of the largest producers of buckwheat and various kinds of flakes in the North American. The company specializes in the production, packaging and sales of bulk food products. The products are appreciated not only by consumers in USA and neighbor countries, but also by overseas customers who appreciates the good quality food. The company is continuously looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of production by rationally using available capacity, and utilizing employees’ expertise and professionalism. Everstrong LLC. continuously invests in equipment and staff qualification and training courses, seminars, in order to manufacture the products in accordance with the latest technologies. The company is leader of food distribution in the retail, wholesale and Horeca sectors. The company makes every effort to maintain this position by increasing sales and improving the quality of the products.

Buckwheat in North America

Buckwheat is neither a grass nor wheat, but is a fruit related to rhubarb; it was one of the first crops cultivated in the United States. Dutch colonists brought buckwheat to North America where they planted it along the Hudson River. Buckwheat was sometimes called beech wheat, because its seeds look like small beech nuts.


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